Bronze figure

Item No. 17D0010


Bronze figure, bruised.

Erotic / athletic portrayal

Signed by Pascal Delor.

With seal: "Bords de Seine Fonderie"

No. A7516

art deco

Marble plate with minimal repulsion


Weight 2.7 Kg

Height 23.5 cm


In case of shipping, we pack neatly!







English serving bowl

Item No. 17D0006



Antique oval serving bowl from 1899

Unique, only noble families had/have that

Mappin Brothers London

Newly silver plated, very expensive!



35x24x22 cm



In case of shipping, we pack neatly!





Tea tin

Item No. 17D0003



Tea tin, silver plated

2 pieces available

Portraits of old-fashioned professions and workers

Issued by Jacobs / Douwe Egberts Holland (producer of coffee, tea and tobacco)


Height 11 cm

Diameter 8 cm 








Chimney clock

Item No. 17D0007


French chimney clock, 2nd half of 19th century

Presentation: winery, wife and puti

Bronze and marble / onyx

Works, complete and comes with key 


LxWxH: 33x16x44 cm

Weight 11 Kg



Only collection or delivery on request







Desk set

Item No. 15D0003



Desk set, 3 parts




Inkwell, letter stand and candlestick




A jewel for every desk! 







Tea and coffee service 15D0004



Nice service in good condition


Coffee, tea and cream set 






Old oilcan

Item No. 16D0030


Old oilcan from a decades old workshop

Only for decoration purposes

Pump mechanism works

Container leaks



Height 14 cm

Diameter 8 cm 









Beautiful mirror

Item No. 16D0005



Beautiful mirror in wooden frame

Gilded leaf




Height 95 cm 










Art Deco Art Nouveau Jugendstil Glaskunst

Cruet set

Item No. 15D0008


Cruet set, 5 Pieces

Originally French

Oil vinegar pepper salt and mustard

Brass / crystal

Good condition, one tiny chip.

Art Deco, about 1930s / 1940s










Coffee service

Item No. 15D0009



Coffee service set

Porcelain, gilded

In top condition!

Always stood in display cabinet

No traces of use!


In case of shipping, we pack neatly!








Carving cutlery

Item No. 16D0032



168 Grams

Marked: Orbrille und 6*G J B

Knife 32 cm, Fork 28 cm




Desk set

Item No. 15D0013



Desk set in bronze

With 2 ink containers



In very good condition











Vase, handwork

Item No. 15D0016



Vase for one flower.

Handwork, tin on glass,

Originally French


Height 30 cm












Bonbonniere / Potpourribowl

Item No. 15D0017


Glass bowl, lid and 3 legs of tin

Beautifully finished.

Condition: very good!

Diameter 17 cm








Dekanter Karaf Karaffe Kan Rokoko Rococo Louis XV XVI Bella Nostalgia

Carafe, decanter

Item No. 16D0008



Extremely rare carafe

Tin on glass

Handmade, originally French

About 1900

Used for water or wine



Height 29 cm 






Wall chandelier

Item No. 16D0011



Wall candle holder



HxB 30x21 cm