Item No. 17D0001



Rare tailor's mannequin on brass frame (Louis XVI)

Inherit of a cutting family

Century turn, ~ 1880-1910

adjustable height

Traces of use, it was a work tool

Very decorative! 










Louis Vuitton Original Orginal Orgineel Frans Bella Nostalgia

Original Louis Vuitton

Item No. 16D0023



Louis Vuitton bag, model Keepall in canvas / leather

Original! Any expert checks allowed!

With slight traces of use

This model is produced since 1930!

HxBxL 18x16x34 cm





Room devider

Item No. 17D0004



Screen, room divider

~ 1940s

in very good condition

All hinges can be folded on both sides

3 elements of 40 cm width

Height 140 cm




Item to pick up (delivery on request) 






 Chimney clock

Item No. 17D0007


French chimney clock, 2nd half of 19th century

Presentation: winery, wife and puti

Bronze and marble / onyx

Works, complete and comes with key 


LxWxH: 33x16x44 cm

Weight 11 Kg



Only collection or delivery on request 






Chimney clock

Item No. 16D0019



Art Deco clock with vase


Mechanically, works

Dial has sunexposure


On the backside:

2 Orchies, made in France


Height 25 cm 






Giant mirror

Item No. 17D0005


Giant oval mirror

Plaster on wood

Beautiful ornaments

Can hang horizontally and vertically

Very heavy!

Slight age and usage traces



125 x 155 cm


Pickup or delivery on request 






Soda bottle

Item No. 16D0046


Soda bottle with wire mantle

Very decorative

Original from the 50s 











Antiekweiss Cremewit Rokoko Rococo Empire Louis XV XVI Konsole Bella Nostalgia

Mirror with console

Item No. 15D0007


Very beautiful mirror in antique white.

Carved wood.

Fits well to Louis XV / XVI / rococo furnishings.


Height of the mirror 90 cm. 











Gemälde, Porträts, 16D0033


4 framed portraits 

In very good condition

Measurements per piece 40x34 cm

As a lot of 4















Picture Frame


Item No. 16D0037


Picture frame or for a mirror

Dimensions 95x75 cm